About The Nexus Today

The Nexus Today features interesting recent links from around the web.

  • tech.thenexus.today covers topics including AI, accessibility, privacy, digital rights, and blockchain.
  • politics.thenexus.today includes topics like reproductive justice, voting rights, Black Lives Matter, Native issues, surveillance, and Fight for 15.

The software’s still in beta test, so apologies in advance for any bugs. If you run into a problem, or have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch via email (support@thenexus.today), Twitter, or our Dreamwidth community.

How it works

The Nexus Today uses an approach that historian Jo Guldi calls critical search: combining algorithmic analysis with human judgement. Unlike most other “link aggregation” software, it’s designed with an explicit focus on accessibility, diversity and justice — and using techniques like social threat modeling to minimize the effect of disinformation and spammers. Of course, it’s far from perfect. Still, even at this early stage, hopefully the links are useful!

Who’s behind The Nexus Today?

Me! I’m Jon Pincus, a software engineer / entrepreneur / strategist and activist who focuses on justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality. I started working on this software out of frustration with current link aggregators. Sites like Reddit, Axios, Hacker News, Quartz, and Techmeme primarily amplify and center cis, white, able-bodied, and male perspectives. Meanwhile, my Twitter feed has tons of great content by and about people of color, trans and queer people, disabled people, and women — content that isn’t showing up on reddit et al. Is there a way to amplify these voices?

This early version of The Nexus Today is just a starting point, on the path to a “minimum viable product” with enough functionality to be useful and lots of room for improvement. Feedback is more than welcome! For now, email, Dreamwidth, and Twitter are the best options.